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Custom Fit Window Covers for Big Trucks

CleanandCool.com big truck window covers are specially designed to take your trucking experience to a whole new level. Enjoy absolute privacy and cool comfort inside your cab while saving hundreds of dollars in fuel costs.

Private Truck Interior Perfect Fit Quality Materials Cool Comfort Gas Savings Enjoy Absolute Privacy Inside Your Truck Cab Enjoy a Perfect Fit with Covers Designed Just for Your Truck Enjoy a Long Cover Life with Hand-made Quality in Every Stitch Enjoy Cool Comfort with Reduced Temperatures in Your Cab Enjoy Huge Savings on Gas During Idle Times

The Only Window Covers Custom-Designed to Fit Your Truck

Each hand-made set of window covers is custom-sized to fit your truck perfectly, and features our easy snap technology to make putting them on and taking them off a breeze.

Custom Sets are available! Just contact us for custom color/sizing orders.

Premium Window Covers

Premium Big Rig Window Covers

Beat the heat and maximize the performance of your truck's heating, cooling, and APU systems while maintaining your privacy with a set of premium window covers. Designed to fit your truck like a tailored suit. View Product

Economizer Window Covers

Economizer Big Rig Window Covers

Enjoy shade and privacy with economizer window covers. Unlike those floppy sun shades you find at gas stations and big-box stores, these covers are designed to custom fit your truck and fold for easy storage. View Product

8 Reasons You'll Love Your Window Covers

CleanandCool.com custom big truck window covers will vastly improve your trucking experience in a variety of ways. Our custom window covers:

Enjoy the greatest degree of privacy, durability and fuel savings with our patented premium window covers. Just need shade? Check out our economizer window covers.